Sue Royer

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Nothing sparks Sue Royer’s day more than the rocky road to romance pitted with an intriguing mystery. She has loved the romance genre from those first days of romance with Harlequin and Silhouette Romances, and watched it grow into the huge, complex, and all-encompassing world it is today.

Sue, a former neonatal intensive care nurse, now juggles her day between the demands of the being a writer as well as being a full-time nurse case manager, mom, and grandmother.

Writing has been her most challenging field to enter yet.  She continues to hone her craft by being a member of RWA, taking both college level and special interest classes, attending conferences, and learning and talking with others who have gone through the same trials and tribulations as she has had.  Writing is a magical roller coaster ride where sitting and writing a difficult scene can pull you down into wondering if you haven’t picked the wrong profession to flying high on those days when the words seem to write themselves.

She escapes her busy life by curling up on the recliner and going into the worlds of romantic fiction created by her favorite authors, whether they write romantic suspense, Sci-fi, sci-fantasy, or historical.  E-books, hardbacks, paperbacks, and audiobooks all hold her enthralled as she escapes into the world of love.